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Outsourced Advertising Operations

I'm a veteran Advertising Operations professional with 24+ years working experience... 20 of which are strictly in Online Advertising Operations and include 17 years at the Senior Management/Director level.  

During my years as a hiring manager, I faced the challenge of finding qualified Ad Ops candidates, struggled with high turnover and burn out rates, as well as the frustration of being under staffed with not enough in the budget for a full time head count. This experience has made me recognize many years ago, the need in our industry for affordable and reliable day-to-day Ad Ops Support. Outsourced Ad Ops Support is an efficient way to handle seasonal overflow, resource constraints and budgetary restrictions. 


I'm an individual with a true passion for what I do and look forward to supporting your business' Ad Ops needs on a personal, intimate and impromptu basis.  While I work remotely, I am available to come on-site to meet with you and your team as well as be in attendance for meetings (tri-state area).  I can help get you up and running with fully streamlined  Ad Ops systems, workflow and process, or evaluate your current setup and make recommendations to enhance or improve upon it.   You will get senior level experience at an entry level cost.  

Please take a moment to review my LinkedIn profile at the top of the page.  Feel free to reach out regarding any questions you may have!  I can also provide references upon request as well as a client list.

Consulting Services

Vendor Relationship Management

Meeting the Staff

Trafficking & Campaign Management


Programmatic Monetization

Dollar Bills

Ad Tagging & Ad Server Technical Support


Employee Training & Education

Open Office Space

Workflow Processes and Best Practice

Machine Sketch

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